The Ultimate Key to Mini Importation Business




A complete course on importation business. Covering all you should know from start-up requirement, product search, product purchase, product importation and Digital product marketing.

Complete importation course from Beginner to professional.

Imagine this: I bought a school Bag at NGN3,500 which is originally sold at  NGN500. Just imagine it! Is like spending the money for 7 of those bags on one product. Now let me share with you the story of how I made that figure NGN300,000 within week in sales.

A long time ago, an Importer called me that she wanted to import a hot product and she needed my help in the marketing (Professional Digital Marketing) using silly sales funnels (I am a sales commandant).

So, I opted in to assist her. She imported a particular Hair cream that grows hairs and beards.

Now this cream serves two purposes, for girls who have scanty hair or no front hair and for guys who need breeds. So, we imported the product at a whooping silly cheap juicy price. She bought it at 5 Chinese Yuan each which is NGN268.47….

But she sold it at NGN6,000 here in Nigeria! Damn it! She imported 50 of it and we sold all!…

Now calculate the amount: is a whooping NGN300,000 that we made in sales! Do you see that? Is not a forged figure, is a sales we made from a product we imported. Mini-Importation Business is a business you should venture into. Is simple and you can start with even NGN1,000. Yes! you can.

See, there are endless opportunities for you to make your 6 figure or 7 figure from Mini-Importation Business, I will open the curtain for you to see much more and how to import and sell off massively.


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