How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2019

The problem you may have in Mini-Importation is how to start it and make the money out of it. I have taught over 1,034 students across the nation how to start Mini Importation Business.

I took the time to demystify and structure a direct guide that will get you started with this business without the stress and no further questions.

Before now, you must have read from other sources or probably paid for a course on How to start Mini Importation business and at the end of the course, you become more confused than you where.

Having carefully showed my students this mystery and also revealed to them the simplest way to get on with this business and have massive sales in a short while. I can boldly tell you that your saviour is here to walk you through the right path.

I have recorded 6 figures multiple times with this singular business over the years and have helped my students start up the same business from scratch.

In my book, The Ultimate Key to Importation Business I revealed all exclusive information about this business that many have rated 5 stars across the Nation. But in this post, I am going to show you the exact way to start this business today.

If today is your first time of hearing about this business, well I prepared an introductory post that will reveal all the fundamentals in this business. Read The Beginners crash course on Mini Importation



In starting Mini Importation Business in Nigeria, there are basic things that you need to get started with called Requirements.

Requirements to Start Mini Importation Business

  1. A SmartPhone or  Personal Computer
  2. A Chrome Browser for Your Mobile phone or Desktop
  3. A Bank Account (For transferring of funds for products you want to purchase. Any Bank you use is perfect.  Because you will be paying through a Nigerian account for your product )
  4. An Email Address
  5. Some Cash to purchase your product (NGN10,000+ will be perfect)

These are all the requirements that you need to start the business. Yes! is as simple as that.

You might look surprised. Don’t worry at all, you just met The Master Ranger of E-commerce.  I will show you the exact way to start it.

With the above mentioned, you’re good to go with the process. The rest is simple and easy. I mean very easy. Let me show you.

Source for a Hot Product

This part is the part many get wrong. I extensively explained this part in my Book and Video Course on Mini-Importation course. But A hot product is simply a product that will magnet buyers when they see it.

The sites you can use to source for Hot Products are and

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Imagine putting a product in the public and everyone that sees the product is opting to purchase the product. A  product that won’t lay in your house for months before is sold out.

Here are 100+ Hot products you can import today and sell. What I do for my students, is every month I give them products that can make 6-7 figures that period. You can join now once you purchase my Book

But here is a Hot product that is currently making 6-7 figures in sales Download here.

Product Purchase

Buying the product and getting it delivered is always a problem for many. All my students import within 5-7 days and 2-3days for express importation. Now all you need is the link of the product.

Once you get the link of the product you want, you then decide on the features and then send it to your agent for importation. I can give you my personal agent detail if you want.

The Features includes:

  • The quantity
  • The colour
  • The size
  • The Type

All of these features are dependent on the product you want to import. If you want us to help you with importation, just send us a mail at

Product Marketing

Selling the product is the last phase of the business and of course the most important part of this business. If you get here and mess up, you will end up using your products. I showed my student the easiest way to sell off in a short while.

But, it is important to note that you can do free marketing or paid Marketing. Free Marketing is easy, awesome if you utilize the channels.

You can sell on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or on sites. In the advanced or professional Mini Importation Business, you will set up an e-commerce website and then sell your products from there.

I could show you this for FREE in my Business Academy. Join other students on our ever-growing Facebook community. Join here Business Rangers Academy.

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