Hello Course Curator, just before you publish your course on our platform, we will like you to read through our guidelines to get your course approved on your platform.

Course Topics

Your course topic must not be within the category of helping onboarding students start up a business or gain mastery in a skill that will help them make money from it legally. Meanwhile, there are topics that will still be disapproved by the administration based on the parameters that governors the platform.

Course Standards

All courses that will be submitted on BURA for approval must pass the basic quality standards. This standard includes: Clearly recorded Video courses, Clear audio and all course materials must be presented in a way that onboarding students will grasp what is taught.

Course Pricing

BURA would advice course curators on the pricing strategy but won’t alter the price of course curators except during discount periods on the platform which the course curator will have to be informed before course will be discounted. Also, affiliates are paid a percentage for each course they sell. The percentage is strict and will be discounted from the course price.

BURA charges only 20% from

Course Curriculum

Course curriculum must cover the said areas that the course is positioned to cover to ensure that onboarding students gain complete knowledge at the end of course.

Kindly complete this form so we can process your course

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